After being born in the fresh air of the mountains, Grayson decided to move to the bustling city of Shanghai where he found God, his wife, and a career working with Chinese creatives as an art and design teacher. Grayson is looking to develop his skills in facilitating creative and design thinking outside of the education industry with hopes of later re-entering it to spark innovation. He enjoys visual journaling, lino-block carving, and maintaining a beard as he strives to keep his Colorado ruggedness and adventurous spirit.



Two wolves dwell inside of Grayson and they are constantly circling and feeding off of each other. The gritty grey wolf is his creative and artistic spirit and the snow white wolf is his design and visual communications background. Together, these elements build purpose, structure, and motivation within his work. During his time in the SCAD M.A. Design Management program both wolves grew in experience and appetite. When working on projects Grayson strives to weave story into what is created so as to connect empathetically with those interacting with the design.



Grayson Stallings is currently open for opportunities in collaboration and full time work. Contact him for more information.

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